Nutrition Harmonization Workshop, January 2016 (sponsored by Zambia Ministry of Agriculture and INGENAES)

Nutrition Harmonization Workshop

The Ministry of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Section is partnering with INGENAES to harmonize the nutrition-related materials and messages that public, private, and NGO extension officers disseminate to farmers. At a workshop in Lusuka in late January 2016, key stakeholders discussed how nutrition can be integrated into materials and activities led by agriculture extension officers to reach men and women farmers with appropriate nutrition information.The following presentations were given at the event.

INGENAES Project Overview by Kristy Cook

“A Farmer’s Booklet of Key Nutrition Messages” by Karen Mukuka

“Harmonization of Nutrition Messaging in Agricultural Extension” by Concern Worldwide

“Contextualizing Agricultural Extension in Zambia – Opportunities and Constraints” by Martin W. Muyunda

“Feed the Future Zambia Mawa Project” by CRS

“Crop Production” Group 1 presentation

“Food Processing and Value Addition” Group 4 presentation

“Harmonization of Nutrition messaging in Agriculture Extension” by SNV

“Harmonizing Nutrition Messaging in Agriculture Extension” by Eustina Mulenga Besa

“Programme Against Malnutrition” by PAM