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Country Newsletter: Nepal in June 2016

View the Nepal June 2016 Stylized Newsletter in PDF In this issue: p.1 – Upcoming Organizational Capacity-Building Workshops p.2 – Integrating Gender and Nutrition into Practice p.2 – Updates from Cultural Practice, LLC p.3 – Introducing INGENAES/Nepal’s in-country coordinator p.3 – TOT Workshops p.3 – INGENAES/Nepal Contacts Upcoming Organizational Capacity-Building Workshops INGENAES implementing partners (Suahaara, Kisan, Heifer,[…]

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Zambia Updates April 2016

Zambia April 2016 Stylized Newsletter in PDF INGENAES ZAMBIA UPDATES – APRIL 2016 INGENAES stands for Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services. We aim to assist partners in Feed the Future countries to build more gender-responsive and nutrition- sensitive extension approaches and tools to improve agricultural livelihoods for women and men and enhance[…]