Developing the Capacity to Do and to Not Do

Integrated programs all are the rage, and for good reason: it’s clear that real life doesn’t happen in neatly separated silos, and the causes and solutions to poverty and food insecurity are similarly interrelated. Yet it is hard to argue that integrating or mainstreaming gender and nutrition into agricultural extension services (AES) will not mean[…]

Highlights from Women’s Access to Markets Program in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi women face barriers in accessing markets for their agricultural produce. Through using community-based buying events that are more accessible venues for women’s involvement, access to markets is being re-envisioned. Caothic Relief Services/Caritas Bangladesh is carrying out two projects that link women farmers to agricultural marketing opportunities and strengthen nutrition at the household level. INGENAES[…]

Gender and Nutrition Workshop with AFAAS in Addis Adaba

Kathleen Colverson (INGENAES, University of Florida) lead a workshop on gender and nutrition integration in agricultural extension systems at the annual African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 40 extension practitioners, agents, and government agency representatives participated in the one day workshop, with equal numbers of males and females learning the[…]

Integrating Gender into Extension Services

By Kathleen E. Colverson, University of Florida   The analysis and incorporation of gender issues is rarely included in extension work. Yet, women are the primary agricultural labor force throughout the world and perform agricultural tasks with fewer resources, less access to technology and the added responsibility of child and family oversight. The vast majority[…]