Note 4: Integrating Gender into Rural Advisory Services

Global Good Practice Note on Gender in RAS published on g-fras.org Abstract Rural women’s roles and contributions to agriculture remain undervalued and neglected by the sector’s policy- making and implementation processes. Women typically are involved in many aspects of the agricultural value chain, often contributing anywhere from 25 to 75% of the productive labour. However,[…]

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture resource page

Check out this new resource page on Agrilinks: http://agrilinks.org/activity-cross-cutting/nutrition-sensitive-agriculture “Improved agriculture productivity and purchasing power, while certainly associated with improved nutrition, may not be enough by themselves to improve nutrition outcomes. Simply put, improved access and availability of foods do not automatically translate into improved dietary intake. More attention needs to be given to designing activities[…]

The INGENAES Nutrition Glossary

Full Nutrition Glossary This glossary contains concepts and terms commonly used by health and nutrition practitioners, but they may not be familiar to agricultural experts. The glossary is a living reference document for the INGENAES consortium members to facilitate cross-sectoral work on agriculture, nutrition and gender; terms can be added as the need develops. The[…]